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About Us

Everything You Need to Know 

This is our little ordering system. It is in its first year of use and has been made for your benefit and to help run your business smoothly. Up until now you would have had to call us with your order, and you'd never really know if everything was in stock. With this new system, you can order an any time of the day or night and see in real time what we have and what we don't. As time passes by we will constantly update it. We see no reason why all shouldn't go to plan, so hope it makes your Christmas run more smoothly. 

Remember all orders need to be received by 11am in order to be processed and dispatched that day. We will do our best to get your order out, subject to how busy we are. 

Please note when you add products to your shopping cart they will NOT be taken off stock until you complete the checkout process and complete your order... Having items in your shopping cart will not guarantee you get the products as you can be beaten to the check out.